Green Home Agents

Looking to find the perfect home in Southern California?

A Green Home Agent can help you:

  • Buy a fixer-upper in a neighborhood that you thought was out of reach
  • Find money-saving opportunities that other agents may overlook
  • Define your needs and goals, from location to layout, comfort, and health
  • Access financing to roll home improvement costs into your mortgage
  • Get rebates for green upgrades to save on bills, increase resale value
  • Identify ways to improve any home's health and safety

Green Home Agents are licensed professionals with all the skills and experience you expect, plus the latest knowledge on green, healthy homes. They've taken the National Association of REALTORS® Green Designation training, which is endorsed by a local government organization, The Energy Network. Browse agents >>

Supported by the California Energy Commission

"California supports training certified green real estate agents because we want homeowners to consider the advantages of green homes and understand what they're buying. When homeowners buy an energy-smart home, it's good for their wallets and good for the planet!"
Andrew McAllister, Commissioner, California Energy Commission